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All classes meet twice a week for 6 Weeks

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SpoFI has partnered with the National Fatherhood Initiative to present their 24:7 Dad evidence-based curriculum to our community. We offer 24:7 Dad Basic designed for all dads including first time fathers or young men who desire to become fathers. This class is well suited for non-custodial fathers as well. We also offer 24:7 Dad Advanced to graduates of our 24:7 Dad Basic classes and to fathers who have some experience and seek to become better fathers. We offer these classes periodically throughout the year in various venues. Classes are small to allow for robust discussion and interaction between the fathers. When classes become available, we will post them on this web site.

Currently Basic and Advanced classes are scheduled sequentially. Both  versions are taught twice a week on weekday evenings.

The 24:7 Dad

Knows His Strengths and Weaknesses
Cares for Himself
Knows How to Father
Knows How to Parent
Builds Healthy Relationships with Family and Community

24:7 Dad Basic

Many fathers in our community grew up without a father in their home. These men do not have the relationship and parenting tools they need to be effective, devoted fathers. For these men and those who aspire to be fathers someday, this evidence-based class teaches them basic fatherhood, parenting and relationship skills. SpoFI offers this comprehensive class several time a year in various locations. The class is taught in twelve, two-hour sessions.

Topics include

Family History and Its Impact on Fathering
What it Means to Be a Man
The Father’s Role
Working with Mom and Co-Parenting
Showing and Handling Feelings
And more!

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24:7 Dad Advanced

This class is a more advanced and in-depth class that challenges fathers to become the best Dads they can be. The course focuses on self-evaluation, relationships, parenting skills and co-parenting. It is designed for fathers who have experience and want to improve their fathering skills. Enrollment is open to 24:7 Dad Basic graduates and by approval by the instructor after reviewing an application.

This evidence-based curriculum is taught less frequently than the 24:7 Dad Basic classes. The class is taught in twelve, two-hour sessions in a format similar to the 24:7 Dad classes.

Topics include

Boyhood to Manhood
Dealing with Anger
Sex, Love and Relationships
Competition and Fathering
Improving My Communication Skills
Fun with the Kids – Fathering and Fun
Stress, Alcohol (drugs) and Work
And more!

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Here is what some of our graduates are saying

“It’s brought a lot of healing as well as skills and I’m really grateful for that.”

“When I came [to this class], I really had no idea what it meant to be a father…Growing up, I didn’t have a dad to show me what it meant to be a dad. This class…helped me in giving me more self-worth in knowing that I can do this.”

“I got a constant self-evaluation, self-reflection of my parenting approach, my parenting abilities and the correct way to go about things…It’s really made me rethink the whole way that I perceive of being a father and having kids.”

“I learned how to relate to my young kids! We have conversations now so we can enjoy our time together. They have a lot to say when I learned how to listen!”

If your organization would like to host a 24:7 Dad class at your facility please contact us.

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