Can the Church Survive Fatherlessness?

In his book Why Men Hate Going to Church, best-selling author David Murrow writes:
New research reveals the importance of men to congregational vitality and growth. Almost without exception, growing churches draw healthy numbers of men, while declining congregations lack male presence and participation.
Pastor and author John Bevere has penned a clear warning:
I believe all of the emotional, physical and spiritual ills of a society can be traced to humans feeling alienated from God and their biological fathers. Orphaned men have a hard time connecting to their spouses, their children, those in spiritual authority…
And the church also faces an exodus of boys. In his wonderful book Searching for Tom Sawyer, Pastor Tim Wright drops this statistic:
Seventy-nine percent of all boys will leave the church in their early teens or twenties—and most will never come back!
The Spokane Fatherhood Initiative (SpoFI) was birthed out of this alarming social trend. If men are disenfranchised and disconnected from church and 4 out of 5 boys leave and never come back, who will be left to lead the church of the future? How can the church disciple men who don’t show up on Sunday? And how can the Church effectively minister to today’s broken, lost and confused boys and girls struggling under the curse of abandonment and rejection because of absent or absentee dads?
Every church is affected by fatherlessness, but few churches address the issue. SpoFI seeks to come alongside the local Church and help pastors develop strategies that will help their congregations, their neighborhoods and the community. Murrow’s book cites example after example of churches that have become magnets for men at little or no cost.
SpoFI’s vision is to see God’s heart for fathers and families transform our culture. We seek to do this by
• promoting programs that help men fulfill their role as fathers;
• connecting fatherless children to positive male role models through mentoring;
• and by calling the church to become engaged in our community’s severe foster care crisis.
Our first initiative of 2018 is the Spokane Fatherhood Conference. We are bringing David Murrow here Saturday, Jan. 20, as well as the inspiring Erin Jones who will bring hope and encouragement to the youth of Spokane (and their youth pastors!). Other fabulous speakers make this a tremendous value for just $35. Here’s a short video overview of what you can expect: