Spokane Fatherhood Initiative (SpoFI) is growing and adding service to improve communications. In the past we have relied on personal email and phone numbers to support SpoFI. As our groups of alumni and volunteers continue to grow we have added a couple new services to facilitate communication which has added some new phone numbers that you may not recognize in your text message app or in your email. Following is our current Who's Who directory. We suggest that you add this information to your Contacts list so that Caller ID, text messages and emails will be more recognizable.

Items in Red have been recently added:

Spokane Fatherhood Initiative (SpoFI)

PO Box 8266
Spokane , WA 99203

Office:  509/557-0659  add to your contacts under SpoFI

We suggest you add these additional numbers under SpoFI so you know you're receiving important SpoFI Alumni, class or event information):

Text Messages only:

509/766-3298   Ron Hauenstein, President
833/203-9261   Fred Dent, Vice President

Other numbers you should already have in your contacts:

Ron Hauenstein, SpofI President

PO Box 8622
Spokane , WA 99203

Fred Dent, SpoFI Board of Directors Vice President

206/612-3961  AND  509/720-7174
PO Box 221
Medical Lake, WA 99004

Darrel Startin, Vice President of Training and Recruitment

PO Box 28900
Spokane, WA 99228