You’ve Been Served, Now What – Initiating Actions and Services

SpoFI will be continuing our series of Family Law Resource Workshops on Saturday, Feb 11 from 9 to Noon, facilitated by Limited Licensed Legal Technicians who are donating their time to help dads and moms in family law court. Come early for coffee and carbs. Location: 711 E Third Avenue. Bring your paperwork as you will have an opportunity to ask specific questions about your case or circumstance.

This Class will cover responding to the petition, an overview of responding to temporary orders, proposing a parenting plan, child support, financial declarations, and what mediation can provide. We will also cover the types of actions available, understanding which action best fits your scenario, and how to initiate the summons and petition, with an overview of the types of Motions available and what you should or could be asking for, proposing your parenting plan, Child support, setting a hearing and more.