Fathers of the year 2022

Kevin Kizzar - Custodial Father of the year

Kevin has come from a life of addiction and is clean and sober now. He is raising three kids on his own. Two of them are not his biological children. He has given them a stable home and a parent they can count on to always have their best interest at heart. Kevin is very active in church and makes sure his kids are learning a healthy lifestyle. Kevin leads step groups helping other men find sobriety with Jesus. He is a leader and looked up to by many. The kids absolutely love him and respect him. He always makes sure their needs are taken care of before his own and sometimes even their wants. He is a proud father who helps these kids navigate through the absent mother and or the addict mom who shows up or calls once in awhile. He is there supporting them through these heart-breaking times. They know they have a father they can count on and in their hearts and lives. That is priceless.

 James Tidwell - Non-Custodial Father of the Year

James is one of the most inspiring fathers I know. James made some mistakes in the past and as a result spent six years separated from his four children. He was finally reunited with them in October of 2022.

James demonstrates incredible tenacity and amazing tenacity in his quest to be the dad his children deserve. Over the last six year she he has faced a seemingly endless list of tests, tasks and requirements, but he faithfully completed everything he was asked to do.

He is a worthy of this award because:

      • His children are the focus of his life. Everything he does is oriented toward spending more time with his children and helping them grow in their character and education.
      • He never gave up in his quest to reunite with his kids. He could have easily quit as he faced one frustrating setback after another. His children are aware of how hard he works and the sacrifices he makes so he can spend more time with them. His behavior is a role model that will help his children become better adults and parents.
      • I have spent time with James and his children and have witnessed his love for them. His children clearly love their father and want to spend time with him.
      • James is a great student. He is a graduate of the 24-7 Dad beginning and advanced classes and also has completed the Key Behaviors course. When faced with parenting dilemmas, he is unafraid to ask for help.
      • James is a great supporter of SpoFI. He volunteers at SpoFI events when he is able and promotes SpoFI wherever he goes.
      • James is a Christian who lives out his faith with those around him. On many occasions he has called me to share a challenge he faces and ask for prayer.

When I think of James, I often reflect on how easy it would have been for him to give up on his dream to reunite with his children. He could have concluded that they would be better off without him and that he lacks the resources to be a dad. But he never let the dream die. He overcame his remorse and shame and said “My kids deserve a mom and a dad” and committed his life to making that happen. The joy I have seen on the faces of his children is ample evidence that his decision makes him worthy of the position he has longed for: Dad.

Fathers of the Year 2021

 Reggie Camps - Custodial Father of the Year

Reggie graduated from SpoFI’s first 24-7 Dad class, which was launched in September of 2018. Shortly after graduating, his ex-wife and mother of his daughter died. Reggie suddenly found himself a full-time dad. He utilized the training he received from SpoFI and support from Family of Faith Community Church to overcome the tremendous challenges of single fatherhood. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and overcame a life of darkness and drug addiction.

In January of 2020, Reggie married Charity and became a father to her children. In addition to his responsibilities as a husband and father, he leads a discipleship program at his church, mentoring other men.

In nominating Reggie, Pastor Danny Green said Reggie is worthy because “he answered the call of the Lord, gave his life to Jesus, took fatherhood classes for the tools he needed and stepped up to the plate as a dad. He has allowed Jesus to use him as Jesus wants, and he has made a lasting impact in many lives, especially the lives of these children. He is a source of hope and encouragement for men who are in the process of getting visitation or custody of their own children.”

Bryan Kyle -  Non-Custodial Father of the year

Bryan made some unfortunate choices in his life that left him separated from his children for three years. Hoping to repair his relationship with his children, he launched himself on a course to learn all that he could to be a better dad. He enrolled in SpoFI’s 24-7 Dad Basic (AM) and Advanced (PM) fatherhood classes, where he achieved perfect attendance for all 24 sessions. (Bryan faithfully attended these evening classes despite his work schedule that requires him to get up for work at 2 a.m.!) Bryan continues his growth and learning through attendance at SpoFI events and faithful participation in weekly Dad2Dad meetings.

Bryan implements his SpoFI fatherhood training during visitations and plans to have full custody of his children soon.

Bryan also is a passionate cheerleader for SpoFI. He asked his employer, MetalsFab, to consider SpoFI a candidate for a charitable donation. Every quarter, MetalsFab nominates charities and allows employees to vote their preference. Last December, employee support led to a $3,200 donation from MetalsFab. Thank you, Bryan and MetalsFab!