24/7 Dad

Many fathers in our community do not have the skills they need to be an effective, devoted father. For these men and those who aspire to be fathers someday, SpoFi offers a comprehensive class called 24/7Dad written by the National Fatherhood Initiative. Usually taught in 12, 2-hour sessions, this evidence-based class teaches men basic fatherhood, parenting and relationship skills.

A schedule of classes is posted here on the SpoFI web site. The calendar for 2019 has not yet been posted. The cost of this course is $25 for each participant* and includes a workbook for them to keep. For more information and to submit an application for this class, email info@spofi.org.

Any man who wishes to be a better dad is encouraged to investigate this course, which also is well-suited for non-custodial fathers.  Topics include:

Family History and Its Impact on Fathering
What it Means to Be a Man
The Father’s Role
Working with Mom and Co-Parenting
Showing and Handling Feelings
And more!

*Needs-based scholarships may be available.