SpoFI Migration to Microsoft Exchange
Information and Instructions

When we started SpoFI we relied on Board members’, instructors’ and volunteers’ (and anyone else working with us) personal Microsoft accounts. This served us well for a few years but presented some technological issues which made communicating, sharing files and keeping calendars coordinated difficult. Over the last two months we have set up SpoFI in Microsoft Exchange which solves most of those issues. As a bonus, moving everything to Exchange is saving a considerable amount of money for SpoFI while offering our users substantial additional services including free Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

Using Exchange allows us to easily share SpoFI Calendars; communicate and work using Groups; keep email, OneDrive and Office in one account (instead of three) and keep all our files on one Microsoft platform. In addition, each email account (yours included) comes with the complete Microsoft 365 suite of software which you can install on up to five machines and 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

Prior to our migration to Exchange, we had to use a completely different platform for our Share Drive so we could share to your personal OneDrives. We can no longer sustain that system due to certain limitations of that Microsoft platform. So, if you are used to having SpoFI Share drives in your personal OneDrive folder on your computer, that will change (see New Share Drive below).

To take full advantage of the services in Exchange, you are encouraged to use Outlook (desktop or browser) to manage and view your email and calendar and to access One Drive. You will likely find it more convenient to install Outlook on your computer (comes with Microsoft 365 included with your SpoFI email account - see New Microsoft 365 below). Note that browser version of Outlook does not allow adding more than one email or calendar account (your login account), however, Microsoft 365 Outlook on your computer (or the Android Outlook App and I assume Apple Outlook App) allows you to add all of your other email accounts and calendars.

To get the best out of SpoFI Exchange, access the SpoFI Share drove and stay connected with Spofi, you need to activate your new SpoFI email account. You should have gotten and email with instructions on how to do that from SpoFI Exchange. If you didn't receive the email, or if you lost it, use the Contact Us form on our website and we'll send a new invitation to change your password. Your email can be accessed using a browser. Go to https://www.office.com/

Following are the instructions on how to setup and access the new OneDrive share drives, install Microsoft 365 on your computer and how to add your new email account to your desktop Outlook:


New Share Drive

The new Share Drive is now in use. The old Share Drive will be deleted January 6, 2022

Install OneDrive on your computer with your SpoFi email account

The SpoFi Share Drives will no longer be accessible in your personal OneDrive. You will need to add your SpoFI account OneDrive to your machine. Your personal OneDrive will  not be affected. After you install your SpoFI account OneDrive you will see two OneDrives in Windows File Explorer.

  • Save all open Share Drive documents
  • Install OneDrive for your Spofi.org email account as follows:
    • From your computer desktop tray, click on the blue or white cloud for OneDrive
      (If they are not showing on the task bar, click the up arrow near the clock in your tray)
    • Click the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner of the popup and choose “Settings”
    • Click on “Add New Account”
    • Enter your SpoFI email address and click “Sign In”
    • A new OneDrive will open in Windows File Explorer with the Share folders you are used to seeing in your personal OneDrive
    • You’re done for now – note that you will now have two OneDrive icons showing in your task bar – one white for your personal OneDrive and one blue for your new Exchange OneDrive.

Using OneDrive (and Microsoft 365) in a browser

  • The new OneDrive is accessible through your SpoFI email acocunt
  • Log into your email
  • In the upper left corner is an icon with the Microsoft grid – click on the icon
  • A drop down menu will open listing all of your available Microsoft software (Microsoft 365 components). Click on One Drive

Once the new Share folders are shown in your new OneDrive you can start using them. The shared folders in your personal folder will go away within a day or so.


New Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

You should have receive an email inviting you ton activate your new SpoFI email account. If you can’t find the email or have lost it, send a message to tech.help@spofi.org and we will send you a new activation email. Your SpoFI email accou t must be activated to access your SpoFI email and Share Drives.

All SpoFI.org email accounts come with a complete Microsoft 365 suite and 1 TB of OneDrive storage that can be installed on up to five machines. If you are using Office 365 from another account you may replace it for free from your spofi.org email account.

If you are currently using Office 365 from SpoFI, you must replace it with Microsoft 365 from your spofi.org email account prior to January 1, 2023, to avoid interruption of your work. When you install the new Microsoft 365 it will update your license and reinstall everything in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) the way you had it before. You will need to copy your existing OneDrive to your new One Drive. See “Need Help” below for assistance.

Microsoft 365 Installation Instructions:

  • Close all your open Office 365 applications including Outlook.
  • In a browser go to: https://www.office.com
  • Login using your SpoFI email address and password - Outlook will open
  • Click on “Install Apps” on the right side of the screen
  • Read the popup window and then click “Got it”
  • Open Window File Explorer and go to your Download folder (or use search to find OfficeSetup.exe)
  • Click on OfficeSetup.exe (should be at the top of the list of files) and click to confirm all choices. If you are on a SpoFI machine you may be asked for the Admin PIN number 0116 (or the six digit version 012016 – both are SpoFI’s birthday Jan, 2016)
  • That’s it!


Setup Your Email in Outlook

When you install your SpoFI email account in Microsoft 365 Outlook on your computer, you will see a couple new features to get acquainted with. First, you will see your SpoFI email account listed on your left sidebar with your other accounts. At the bottom of the account list you may see Groups that you are assigned to in Exchange. You can add those to your Favorites by right clicking them and choosing “Add to Favorites” They will always appear at the end of your Favorites list and cannot er moved up the list.

Those same groups will appear on your Calendar in a new section, Groups, in the lower left of your Calendar page. You can turn those calendars on and off just like the other calendars.

Add your SpoFI email account to Outlook on your computer

  • Open Outlook on your computer
  • Click on “File” in the upper left corner and choose "Account Settings” and “Account Settings” again
  • Choose “New” above the list of accounts and follow the instructions
  • Use our SpoFi email address and password
  • When Outlook confirms that your account has been added, close and reopen Outlook

Need Help?

All this techy stuff too much? We can do it!  Call us at SpoFI 509/315-8850 or send a message to tech.help@spofi.org and we’ll have our very own Tech Services Team set up a convenient time to connect to your computer to do all the setup for you AND give you a quick tour of the new features.